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Staying true to your small-business roots as you grow

July 8, 2021

Small businesses are the heart and soul of so many towns and families across the United States. Escalating products and services might be an exciting opportunity for some industries, but when it comes to homebuilding, the idea of growing your business, producing homes at a faster rate and possibly expanding into new areas can be overwhelming. How can you strike the balance between your existing small-business feel and your potential development into a larger builder? More importantly, how can you keep your current audience committed while also attempting to appeal to a larger, different audience? Builder Designs has some advice for builders wanting to stay true to their small-business roots as they grow into a bigger business.

Create the right content

When an audience of existing and potential customers know your brand, it can throw them off to see new ideas, new projects and new cities on your website and in your marketing strategy. With the right messaging, you can assure your audience that even though your business is growing, you still have the same mission, goals and high-quality end products that you’ve always had.

An “About Us” page on your website is a great place to tug at a buyer’s heartstrings and hark back to your humble beginnings as a small builder. Capitalize on your history with social media campaigns, blog posts, videos and more. If you’re a family-owned business, consider sharing stories about working with siblings, parents and children on social media or on your blog. People often perceive family-owned businesses as trustworthy, and focusing on that messaging will further solidify trust with buyers, even as you grow.

Concentrate on the customer experience

As a builder, you’re bound to experience growing pains as your business begins to flourish—but that doesn’t mean your customers should suffer as well. No matter how big of a builder you become, it’s always important to concentrate on providing the best service and experience for your customers.

Buyers who know you as the small builder in their hometown will expect a personal level of care from your company, even if you’ve gone from building ten homes per year to 100. Buyers who only encounter you after your company has gained momentum also deserve an open line of communication. This is a great opportunity to show them how you’re different from other big builders by offering transparency, friendliness and a dedicated effort to solving their problems and answering their questions—just as any small builder would.  

Focus on the future

It’s important to reflect on the past during your business’ growth period—but in order to make your dreams of escalation a reality, every facet of your brand must reflect your past experience and ability to be a bigger and better builder. Talk about why you want to build more homes and expand into new areas, but also talk about the number of high-quality houses you’ve built in all your years as a small business. Discuss the relationships you’ve formed with suppliers, the lessons you’ve learned and the processes you’ve perfected after years of hard work.

By showing your audience that growing your business wasn’t just a rash decision to make more money or keep up with demand—but to create more homes for residents in the areas you’re passionate about—you can continue to earn their trust and eventually, their business.

Remember where you came from

You know your brand better than anyone—but without the right tools and expertise, it can be hard to navigate marketing and website strategies as you grow your business. Builder Designs has helped small builders across the country during their journey to becoming mid-size and large builders, and we can help you too. For more information on tailoring your website and marketing efforts to your business goals,  call Amber at (913) 393-3367 or email her at

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