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Meet the Builder Designs Marketing Team

July 10, 2020

We want to work with you...

to supplement and support your current in-house efforts with data-driven marketing that helps you sell homes. This includes careful targeting to reach high-quality leads, strategic content creation and cross-platform distribution that sets you apart from the competition.  

Get to know us & what we do best


Karsen Dolliver

As the Marketing Director, a big part of my role is to oversee the daily operations of the entire marketing team.  I also work with the team to strategize client objectives, settle upon internal and client goals, and create custom marketing service packages tailored to each client’s unique needs.

OTHER PASSIONS: Taking pictures of my dog, pizza-eating and my etsy shop.


Jenny Banwart

I manage all projects for my clients and ensure we meet deadlines and get proper approvals. Coordinating with clients and the social media specialist, I plan monthly content to fit with client promotions and sales.

OTHER PASSIONS: Dog-momming, growing a tiny human, Starbucks aficionado, collecting fake plants, entertaining at holidays and Jeff Goldblum


Kendra Wendte

I oversee daily tasks, projects, and campaigns to ensure deadlines and client needs are met. I have meetings at least one a month with all clients to go over analytics and content but will have those more frequently if needed. I also do ad management and social media for some of my clients.

OTHER PASSIONS: White queso, Los Angeles Chargers and adding to my sneaker collection.


Brandon Barelmann

I help our awesome client services team quantify success and identify opportunities for growth for our clients through data.

OTHER PASSIONS: Sporting KC, BBQ, and renovating our house.


Elizabeth Humburg

I manage the SEO program for builders. I spend a lot of time digging into data, and figuring out how to help buyers find you online.

OTHER PASSIONS: Sparkling water, entertaining small children.


Kathleen Gier

I work with the account managers to plan and create engaging content for each marketing partner. I spend most of my time writing website copy, blogs, press releases and any other messaging that promotes brand recognition and protect your reputation.

OTHER PASSIONS: Twitter Chats, the Kansas Jayhawks and the works of Sylvester Stallone.


Tia Burkett

I develop and implement a comprehensive social media strategy to increase their web traffic and brand awareness. I spend most of my time creating engaging content, educating clients and keeping up-to-date with new algorithms and trends across each social media platform.

OTHER PASSIONS: Baking sweets, keeping up with pop culture, and my two crazy huskies.


Kyle Robinson

I'm in charge of all things creative! It's my job to develop the graphics that make an impression for your target audience while considering the visual language of your brand. Anything from email blasts, social posts, flyers, display ads, or open up dialogue with the client to try new things.

OTHER PASSIONS: Studying design trends, being a toddler-dad, Star Wars and video games.

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