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Is Your Website Holding You Back?

October 21, 2021

Over the years, homebuilder websites have evolved from a simple place to showcase your brand and products to an interactive digital experience. And while your website might be the last place you think to invest time and resources to help grow your business, it’s actually become one of the most vital components of selling homes. 

As a builder, there comes a time when your website will begin to hold you back from achieving your goals. Builders realize their need for a new website at many different points in their company’s journey—but the team at Builder Designs encourages you to consider the following insight. Because if your website is holding you back from selling homes now, you’re looking at much more lost revenue down the road. 

You spend more timing managing the site than doing your job

We’re asking websites to do a lot more than they have in the past, meaning they have to be up-to-date with the latest technology and solutions to be a helpful tool. When a website isn’t updated or intuitive, it takes a lot of maintenance and management to ensure the information is accurate, links are live and pages load properly. 

When you use a content management system like WordPress for your website, so much more effort is required to keep everything on your site up-to-date. When the price of a home changes, it’ll be your job to list it properly across multiple pages. When a floor plan is available in multiple communities but elevation options are specific to certain neighborhoods, you’ll be responsible for keeping that consistent. 

If managing your website is up to the sales manager, marketing manager or other full-time role, there comes a point when this maintenance will impede on their daily duties. When your sales manager is spending more time dealing with the website than they are speaking to potential buyers, your website is holding you back.    

You think you need full-time staff just to manage the site 

Similarly to letting the website take over an employee’s actual role, many builders find themselves considering a full-time employee to manage the site once it’s become too much of a burden. While you might feel this is the best option, there’s a few places you’ll fall short. 

Some builders will turn to a graphic designer or engineer to keep the site updated. Designers will keep the look and feel sharp, but may fumble through the coding, plug-ins and integrations needed to function properly—while an engineer might drop the ball on aesthetics. Even if you hire a website developer or third-party web agency, the knowledge of homebuilder-specific websites will be lacking, and apparent. 

Homebuilder websites require knowledge of how potential buyers browse your site, the logical ways to map out your site and the best ways to incorporate data feeds without slowing down your site. So if you’re considering adding a salaried position to understand only part of the digital experience, your website is holding you back. 

Your website isn’t a positive representation of your brand 

First impressions of a website can mean everything, particularly in terms of looks and design. In fact, 94 percent of first impressions on a website are based on its visuals and design—and around 38 percent of website visitors won’t engage with an unattractive website. So even if you build the most beautiful homes with the best quality in town, potential buyers won’t be interested if your website doesn’t live up to the same standard. And while WordPress templates may help your site look visually appealing, it has to operate correctly as well. If it doesn’t look professional or offer a positive user experience, your website is holding you back. 

If any or all of these issues resonate with you, it’s time to turn to the experts for help. Builder Designs is an agency dedicated to the homebuilding industry, and we were founded with the purpose of creating websites that help builders sell more homes. Whether you’re most concerned about the management, functionality or look of your website, our team of professionals can elevate your website—and your brand—with our proprietary solutions and industry-focused strategy. 

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