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Introducing Builder BluPrints

August 7, 2020

The future of websites is here and it was designed for homebuilders like you. We call it Builder BluPrints and it’s primed to drive qualified traffic that sells homes. 

How? We’ll dive deeper below, but make sure to catch a replay of our recent webinar with Builder Designs president Chip Johnson and Vice President Scott Smith. 

As websites have evolved over the past decade, Builder Designs has continually adapted and improved the products we offer to fit the needs of the time. And now, websites are more important than ever to keep your audience informed, engaged and confident through the homebuying process. 

So we cater to them.

Data shows that around 80% percent of website traffic is coming from phones, which necessitated a mobile-first web application. 

Time on site is generally shorter too, which means we need an intuitive user interface that guides them straight to the information they need. 

Then, we face the ever-evolving ADA compliance requirements that take careful consideration when designing and creating content for the site. 

And all of these efforts are tied together with keyword-focused SEO strategy for on-page content from your metatags to the way you upload photos.

It is also easier than ever to add and edit components throughout the life of your site because we love to see builders grow and expand their business. 

Sounds expensive…

Well, we thought about that too. Having a well-tuned site is more than just a luxury now, it’s a requirement. But don’t overspend on your website either. We wanted to make Builder BluPrints affordable too so it was an option for anyone as we respond to historically-low interest rates and a booming sales season for new homes. 

With Builder BluPrints we aim to take the guesswork out of website design with a proven product that performs. Plus, we have a marketing team to back it up with ads that drive traffic to the site and solid SEO content that solidifies your message.

If 15 years and more than 450 partner websites have taught us anything, it’s that builders crave conversions. And now, with Builder BluePrints, we’ve perfected the recipe. 

Watch the webinar to learn more or call (913) 393-3367 to see how Builder Designs can help your business

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