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Hyperlocal: Giving a whole new meaning to community

May 24, 2021

Here at Builder Designs, we define hyperlocal as a focus on a specific geographical area, zeroing in on matters related to the population and composition of that market.  

So depending on the areas you build in and even the category of builder you are, hyperlocal can be a variety of things. If you’re a high-production builder in a large metropolitan area with dozens of communities, hyperlocal might cover the individual neighborhoods that make your city unique. If you’re the mom-and-pop builder in a small township, miles from a bustling city, it could cover your town and the surrounding ones. Or perhaps you’re one of a few competing custom builders all trying to fill the newest master-planned community—in this case, hyperlocal might only cover that particular community.

When did hyperlocal become such a big thing?

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a huge emphasis was placed on community. Community means something different to everyone—but for many people across the country, it meant supporting local businesses, helping out your neighbors and finding new ways to appreciate where you live. This shifted perspective added to the emphasis on both hyperlocal marketing and search.

What does hyperlocal marketing look like?

Shifts in buyer behavior and user intent has played a huge role in how consumers engage with brands. But as the way product research and shopping is conducted—even for homes—builders have to get creative in how they stand out from competitors and reach the right audience, which can be accomplished through smart marketing and branding.  

When resale homes started flying off the market, residents turned to their local builders to buy a house. Small, family-owned builders satisfied that sense of community so many people are searching for—and homebuyers trusted the builders who gave back to their communities, emphasized how long they’ve been building in the area and highlighted their partnerships with other local businesses. Larger multi-city or multi-state builders succeeded by incorporating themselves into each area they build in and focusing on tactful messaging, blending in as another local builder (with the financial and building power of a larger corporation).  

The approach to hyperlocal marketing can also shift depending on what you’re trying to sell. If you have inventory, it takes on a more transactional tone. If you’re running low on inventory but trying to reel in buyers down the road when you have new communities on the horizon, you have to sell your brand, so relational marketing is the best plan of attack. Stay tuned for further info from the BD  team on the balance between transactional and relational marketing. 

Put a hyperlocal spin on your social media to appeal to community-focused buyers. Post about what’s going on in the area, engage with local businesses and share testimonials from homeowners who love the close-knit community you’ve cultivated. Your social media strategy should place an emphasis on your passion for your community and why you choose to build there. 

How does the hyperlocal angle impact search?

Grocery stores near me. Gas stations between here and Wichita. Restaurants with carryout or delivery.

Chances are, you’ve typed one of the above phrases into your Google Maps, Apple Maps or other search engine pretty recently. Whether you’re in an unfamiliar place or your hometown—and simply deciphering which businesses had adjusted hours and delivery options due to the pandemic—these location-based searches, fueled by Google’s algorithm, provide a detailed list of answers based on proximity and search ranking. There are some phrases we’ve seen rise in local search rankings over the past year that you, as a homebuilder, should care about.

New-construction communities in Plano. Homebuilders near me. Master-planned communities near Lake Quivira.

It’s always been said that the most important factor in real estate is location. So it makes sense that people interested in a new-construction home are searching for ones near them, or near their specific points of interest—and when builders adjust to the hyperlocal search strategy correctly, they can reach an extremely targeted audience of consumers who are more likely to convert into buyers. Additionally, your hyperlocal marketing can work together with your search strategy by creating brand recognition that helps you stand out from other builders during a search query.

Why do homebuilders need to hyperlocalize their digital strategy?

When someone searches terms related to new-construction homes or has become well-versed on the builders in their area thanks to solid marketing strategies, half the battle is already won—with these consumers, you have a leg up on the ultra-competitive resale market. But if your search and marketing strategy isn’t hyperlocalized, your brand might not even appear in a potential buyer’s search results or cross their minds. And that’s a huge missed opportunity.

How can you get started?

If your brand isn’t prioritizing a hyperlocal digital strategy, you’re ignoring an increasingly important factor in the homebuilding industry—and sacrificing potential revenue from a highly motivated segment of buyers.

Builder Designs has helped homebuilders across the country transform their marketing, website and search strategy to zero in on the right audience, transforming them into happy, brand-loyal customers. For more information, call Amber at (913) 393-3367 or email her at

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