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Don’t Fall Behind: Metrics Can Change Your Gameplan

September 28, 2021

If you’re a homebuilder with low or nonexistent inventory, don’t sit yourself out of the game just yet. You might feel the need to cut marketing or search engine optimization efforts when there isn't much to sell—but that will only keep you on the bench for longer. It’s hard to see the bottom-line impact of your marketing and SEO strategy when you’re not selling, which is why paying attention to metrics should be an important part of your playbook.

What metrics should you be tracking?

There’s so much data available to track in regards to your marketing and SEO efforts. However, the metrics that matter change when your goal is more about boosting brand awareness and building trust with potential customers as opposed to selling available inventory. During times of reduced inventory, the Builder Designs team suggests tracking metrics from your email campaigns (click-through rates), engagement with organic social, impressions and reach with paid social, site visits, time on site and more.

Depending on the goals your brand has now and what you hope to achieve in the coming months, our team of marketing experts can help you determine what metrics can best measure your progress. Additionally, our SEO specialists can identify the keywords and key phrases builders should be aiming to rank for—and keep track of that progress month over month.

How can you stay top-of-mind without inventory?

Oftentimes, builders will cut the “fluff” from their budget when they’re not bringing in a ton of money. But when you stop marketing and optimizing your content for search engines, you’re losing out on potential money down the road. With so much competition out there between the resale market, rentals and other new-construction builders, building brand loyalty is an easy way to help consumers realize that building a home with you would be worth the wait.

Our data has shown that when builders do take a timeout on their services, it ends up hurting them even more in the long run. Google rankings drop, awareness decreases and competitors get the upset win over your target market of buyers.

Homebuilder marketing doesn’t have to be all about new communities, new floor plans and available inventory—with the right content strategy and team behind you, there’s plenty of ways to stay top of mind with potential buyers across the most important platforms. Creating a trusting relationship between your brand and a potential buyer will be the best investment you could have made when the time comes to get back in the game and build more homes.

What should I include in my content strategy?

Our team will tailor your marketing and SEO playbook specifically to your needs as a builder. We’ll work with you to determine what works best in your market, at your price range and for your ideal audience of potential buyers. From social media and email marketing to Google My Business and SEO-focused blogging, an optimized content strategy could be the game changer you’re looking for.

If you’re struggling with how to market your brand during a slow period, Builder Designs is here to help. Our team has helped homebuilders across the country analyze their metrics and adjust their strategy to score big with buyers once inventory picks back up, and we can do the same for you. To kick off a conversation about our digital marketing, search engine optimization or website services, call Amber at (913) 393-3367 or email her at

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