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Advancements in technology have pushed consumers toward an online experience for virtually all of their purchasing habits—why should purchasing a home be any different?

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Builder Cloud

Welcome to Builder Cloud—a builder specific content management tool designed with ease and efficiency in mind.

Builder Cloud allows our clients to have one platform that manages all of their builder data including imports, exports, lead conversions, 3rd party integrations and online buying solutions. Built for collaboration, our team works directly with you in order to create the perfect set-up for your website.

Easily navigate through the program to update copy or pricing information on your own within minutes. If you run into any issues, our team will always be there to help you through whatever questions that might arise or any new updates you’ve been hoping to add.

Data Integrations

The biggest benefit of working with a team focused on the niche industry of homebuilding? Data integrations.

Websites for homebuilders are not your average website—these platforms need to pull in data from so many different sources to serve as a functional, up-to-date source of information for interested buyers. When a website developer or platform isn’t familiar with the data sources, it can often lead to missed connections, missed opportunities and missed revenue.

Our team has created the best process and products possible for sourcing data and integrating it seamlessly into every digital touchpoint a builder offers. These innovative practices make websites practically self-sufficient, leaving your employees plenty of time to focus on the true purpose of their role—cultivating relationships with potential and existing customers.

The PropTech Team

Once we perfected the process of building websites for our builder partners, we knew we could take it to the next level with property technology offerings. Our team of innovators is constantly looking for new ways to elevate the online and in-person experience for our clients and their customers. When you work with us, you won’t be settling for the traditional selling methods—you’ll be meeting potential customers exactly where they are (which most often is online).

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Bryan McClanahan

SR Software Engineer

Corey Calabrese

SR Software Engineer

Raymond Doran

Sr Software Engineer

Caleb Tounzen

Sr Software Engineer

The future of property technology is in the hands of the consumers—we ensure that you keep up.

Technology advancements are continuously happening no matter what industry you are part of. Consumers want convenience—so the key to staying ahead of the curve is to ensure you’re meeting the growing demands of buyers today.

For years, our team has been consistently working to push the boundaries of technology in new home construction. By listening to builders and homebuyers alike—the technology advancements our team has been able to make have grown exponentially. With our products like Buy it Now, the Build & Price Tool and Interactive Floor Plans and Maps available for our clients to implement on their sites—the future of proptech is here. We’ll work with you every step of the way as we continue to learn more from consumers each day and create new products to fit their needs.

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