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Why hire any old marketing agency when you can work with a team that’s completely dedicated to your industry?

The marketing department at Builder Designs was created out of a need—builders were looking for a team that knew their industry inside and out, and one that could offer comprehensive solutions that would help them actually sell more homes.

Whether you need us to assist your internal marketing team or manage every aspect of your strategy, we offer customized packages that work to enhance your digital presence, create brand recognition and attract more qualified leads. We know the challenges homebuilders face in the always-changing housing industry, and will use our expertise to boost business during the highest highs and lowest lows of the market. Marketing isn’t just about what’s posted or sent today—it’s about the long-term goals and strategy behind every move we help you make as a brand.

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Clear and concise text allows your brand to expand its reach by working in tandem with a well thought out, marketing campaign.

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The Marketing Team

With a variety of services available, the marketing team brings together individuals with special skills to create content for our clients that’s thoughtfully designed, well written, timely and attention-grabbing. A strong emphasis on collaboration between team members and our clients means your digital marketing strategy will be cohesive, professional and on-point for your unique brand. Additionally, the marketing team works alongside the website, SEO and technology departments to ensure your marketing efforts are benefiting your brand in every possible way.

Tia Burkett

Marketing Director

Brandon Barelmann

Data Analyst

Kendra Wendte

Marketing Account Manager

Kyle Robinson

SR Graphic Designer

Lexie Troutman

Content Strategist

Maddie Boland

SEO Specialist

Victoria Kenworthy

Content Strategist

Ellen Balentine

Social Media Specialist

Lucinda Myers

Marketing Account Manager

Josh Coatman

Graphic Designer

Ashley Tran

Social Media Specialist

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