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Talking about websites and how they function can get real confusing real fast.
Don’t worry, though—we speak builder.

You’ll find that our process works very similarly to yours, because building a website is a lot like building a home. We design our sites to be very builder-friendly, so that when you close on your website, you’ll be ready to move in and take it over.


Here's our process—in your terms.



You meet with our architects to go over everything you want out of your website.  We then put it on paper in the form of a sitemap. We cover deliverables (logos, photos etc.) that we’ll need to build the site. This is your blueprint.



We get everyone together and have a creative direction meeting to go over the desired look of the new site. Our creative team takes your input and fine tunes the design to make sure you are 100% thrilled with the new look and it suits your unique needs. After the home page is approved, we move on and build the interior pages.  




This is the website’s construction process—think foundation and framing. In this step, we’ll build each individual page and then connect them to your administrative portal so you can add content or make easy updates once we hand over the keys. This is the time to add features the site didn’t have in the original scope to avoid higher renovation costs in the future. Once the site is developed, it’s built. Moving walls after drywall is expensive.

House in Hand


Here is where we load your site content. Think of us as movers. We’ll move all your furniture into the new house. If you have new content, just let us know. We’ll get it onto your site. Once we’re finished staging your site, we’ll train you on how your admin works and show you the ropes. We conduct a final walk-through where your team reviews the site and notes anything that needs our attention. Once you give us the thumbs up, we GO LIVE.

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