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Grant & Company is a third-generation new home builder in Memphis, TN with over sixty years of homebuilding experience. Today, Grant & Company remains a driving force in the home building industry representing a large percentage of new homes built and sold in Arlington, TN, Bartlett, TN, Lakeland, TN, and Olive Branch, MS.  

With Memphis being one of the most competitive housing markets in the country, it was important for Grant & Company to have a standout online presence. Builder Designs had several discussions with the Grant & Co. team about their market, their homebuyers, and how their website could function in a way that would make the homebuyer's online experience easier. 

We determined that having an easy-to-use search feature on the homepage would be ideal for Grant & Co., as their homebuyers usually came to them knowing exactly what they needed as far as bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage. Now, when a homebuyer visits the Grant & Co. site, they're able to fill in their specific parameters and have the right inventory display for them to browse. Analytics shows that this feature is used at least twice as often as their dropdown navigation menu. 

Another thing that became apparent was that Grant & Co. needed their website content to be as up-to-date as possible. Again, with the competitive Memphis market it just wouldn't do to ever have to say to a homebuyer that the lot they were interested in online had already sold. It was clear that Grant & Co. needed Interactive Plat Maps on each of their communities. 

With Builder Designs' exclusive Interactive Plat Maps, Grant & Co. is able to display the latest information about which lots have sold, which are available, where the model home is located, and even which lots belong to other builders.

Today, Grant & Co. continues to hear positive feedback about how easy homebuyers are finding their online experience. Many homebuyers have come to Grant & Co. already knowing which specific lot they're interested in thanks to the Interactive Plat Maps on each community page. 


Martha Fondren is Director of Sales and Marketing at Grant & Co

Martha Fondren

Director of Sales and Marketing

"We wanted our website to be easy to use and informative, and that's exactly what Builder Designs delivered. Having a custom website has allowed us to stay competitive in the growing Memphis market." 

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