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Location: Gallatin, TN

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Goodall Homes has been building single-family homes, townhomes, villas, courtyard cottages, and condominiums in the Greater Nashville area since 1983. The multi-award-winning homebuilder was named the 2014 Builder of the Year by Professional Builder Magazine.  

Prior to launching their website with Builder Designs, Goodall's struggle was twofold: They weren't showing up in search results for their desired keywords and time spent on-site was low. SEO is a simple fix for giving your site the opportunity to show up in search results, but sending a ton of traffic to the site won't solve the problem of low time on site. 

After analyzing the analytics for Goodall's site, our team concluded that user behavior on the site indicated a lack of usability. A few pages had very high bounce rates, which told us that either something was broken on the site or the page information was misleading. It was clear that Goodall needed a new website, not just updated SEO.

"Since the inception of our new website, the number of daily visitors to our site has more than doubled. Much of that can be attributed to the work we have done with Builder Designs to have high SEO rankings, and therefore high exposure when prospects do searches for new homes in our area."

Goodall's redesign gave them a more modern look and feel as well as an easy-to-use navigation system. Additionally, we created a featured profile for Goodall on our asset site to create strong referral links that would increase their domain authority and give them an added SEO boost to help them compete in a saturated Nashville market. 

Today, Goodall is still seeing high site traffic with more time spent on-site thanks to their mobile-friendly and navigable site design. 

Amber Davis is the Online Sales Consultant at Goodall Homes

Amber Davis

Online Sales Consultant

"Builder Designs did a wonderful job of turning our vision and ideas for look and feel into a reality, and put together a very user-friendly, inviting website that has ultimately translated into more sales for our company."

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