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Evans Coghill

Location: Charlotte, NC

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When Evans Coghill contacted Builder Designs, they were in need of a major website fix. Analytics were showing them that their site traffic was at a historical low, and visitors were spending hardly any time on the site. Those two issues told us their website needed better SEO to show up in search results and a website redesign that would provide refreshing content and easier navigation. 

Our design team created a modern design for the Evans Coghill site that features clean lines, large, crisp images, and a simple top navigation that scrolls with the content of every page, making navigation much easier.

Our SEO team also surveyed the Evans Coghill team about their specific market in Charlotte, NC and then used those answers to conduct a keyword research project with the goal of isolating the right keywords for their new site.

"Since the site launch, our traffic has steadily increased and the time on site is much higher than it ever was. More qualified buyers are getting what they need from our site and showing up in our sales centers leading to more sales!"

The key to Evans Coghill's successful site optimization was not focusing too heavily on the keywords with the highest search volume, but rather the ones that had a good amount of search volume and low competition. The resulting custom list of keywords served as the foundation for the meta data on their new website.

Since the site launch, Evans Coghill has seen significant increases in both organic search traffic and time spent on the site. No doubt the redesign helped modernize their brand from the consumer's perspective--they even saw foot traffic increase to their sales centers as a result of the interest that their photo-driven website generated online. 

Alan Banks is the Owner of Evans Coghill Homes

Alan Banks


"From the first email, we knew Builder Designs was different. The conversation didn't start with Let us show you what you need. It started with What do you need to accomplish? Amber listened carefully, put the team in place, and began to execute on an innovative, informative and clean design."

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