Marketing & Content Strategy

Getting You Quality Leads

Knowing What Works

Our online marketing solutions are designed to help you show up in multiple places online that we know homebuyers tend to be. Our goal is to deliver maximum traffic and leads for minimum investment. We want you to get a return on your investment the second you sell a home from one of our online efforts.

We deliver hard numbers in our reports, not abstract ideas. We work smarter and don't waste time or money on anything we can't track.

Expanding the Funnel in a Unique Way

We have a core belief that if we market to your homebuyers instead of at them, you will win. We get to know your buyers on a deeper level to understand the experience they want, and then we help you give it to them. We focus on identifying what makes you better than your competition and use that in the right places to influence your buyers’ decisions.

In short, we grow the top of the sales funnel so that you end up with more leads at the bottom.

96% of homebuyers say the website is the most important tool in the buying process and 67% of people are more likely to buy if a friend shares a company or product online.

We're Here to Save You Time

Our Master Report saves you time and marketing dollars by tracking each channel's effect on your bottom line. We track down to the lead and behavior on-site to help you understand if those clicks and impressions are actually worth paying for. Think of this as insights to your website.

We're Keeping You Connected

Giving your company a voice allows you to connect to your new and current customers on a personal level. Using email marketing, text messaging, and social media to highlight specials or events is one way we help you not only get new leads but create customers that become brand ambassadors.

We're Directing Traffic

There are a lot of websites out there and we want to make sure your buyers are finding you first. Our team spends time researching and understanding the latest requirements for the online search to keep you at the top of your game. 

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Your Marketing Partners

BuilderIQ is a creative agency founded by a group of hardcore marketing professionals working exclusively in the builder vertical. We are here to help your business succeed.

Marketing & SEO

Social media, email marketing, text marketing, and online ads are just a few items that we use to market your company online and connect with your potential clients. The goal is to create relationships and brand ambassadors for your company.

Design & Content

97% of home buyers polled stated that the tone of the website was influential in their decision to fill out a lead form. We don't just write content and create great graphics, we're strategic about our decisions because we know how much it matters.

Data & Reports

All our online efforts include tracking and reporting and deciphering that information can be overwhelming. We analyze what is happening and know what to adjust for maximum results and then share that with your team in a digestible format.

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